Referral Alchemy® Accelerator: Your Fast-Track to Building a Referral Nexus and Crafting the Life You Want to Live


Are you ready to work personally with me, Virginia Muzquiz, to finally generate a steady stream of quality prospects into your business on a regular basis in one third of the time?

I have worked with countless entrepreneurs and online business owners across the board from industries as diverse as coaching to speaking to carpet cleaners and beyond…

…and I would love to have YOU be my next success story.

If you’re looking to break through that six figure mark…

If you want to grow and scale your business to finally build the life you want to live…

If you’re ready to get off the revenue roller coaster and start serving a steady stream of your ideal clients…

Here are all the details of the Referral Alchemy® Accelerator.

Inside the Accelerator

You will work with me personally to build out your entire referral funnel and build your very own Referral Nexus. You will become the center of a TEAM of referral partners who are all eager to help you grow your business…while you help grow theirs.

Lifetime Access to the Referral Alchemy® Online Course

First, you’ll get started with the Referral Alchemy Online Course, an easy-to-follow, 12-week program using the Referral Alchemy® process to give you a crystal clear, can’t-fail roadmap for growing, scaling and expanding your business through the power of referrals.

Referrals aren’t a bunch of random email addresses attached to a person who could become a client.

Referrals — when sent through trusted referral partners — are prospects who recognize they have a problem… want a solution… and want to talk with YOU about a solution… 

AND who are ready and able to pay you what you’re worth for the transformation that you offer!

The Referral Alchemy® Online Academy Course is grouped into four segments over the course of twelve weeks.

You’ll start as a guided group to put Referral Alchemy® in place in your business over the course of 12 weeks. Each week you will gain access to a new training to build out your very own Referral Nexus.

These modules are the foundation of Referral Alchemy® and will guide you, step-by-step, with putting this in place in your business.

As part of the course, you’ll also access the Template library, a collection of scripts, templates and workbooks to give you a starting point on what to say and how to implement each step of the process.

Unlimited Laser Coaching

If you have a quick question.

If you are stuck.

If there’s something that is holding you back and you need to find clarity and get to that next step…you’ll have an unlimited access to me through laser coaching.

Nobody else will have access to me during this process. This is your only opportunity to work directly with me for both the Weekly Office Hour Coaching Calls and the unlimited Laser Coaching.

This is one of the huge bonuses of the Accelerator, and is only available to you because you showed the commitment to your business by attending the Referral Alchemy® Intensive.

Also, I want to make this as easy as possible for you. So not only will you get access to the trainings and coaching…all of the workbooks, templates and scripts that are included inside the Referral Alchemy® Academy…you’ll also have all of the resources to build out the supporting foundations for your Referral Nexus.

Two High-Level Networking Masterminds

As part of the Referral Alchemy® Accelerator, you will be invited to participate in an exclusive  Connection Circle Experience. 

These high-level networking masterminds are my go-to strategy for engaging new people in my network.  As part of your Referral Alchemy® training, you’ll receive my step-by-step manual (typically reserved for my Referral Alchemy® Alliance members) on how to use this strategy in your own business AND see how it works with an opportunity to participate in one that I curate and facilitate.

My Connection Circles are by invitation only… No one can buy a seat at the table.  Because you are choosing to focus on relationships and referrals by joining the  Referral Alchemy® Accelerator, you will have a guaranteed seat at one of my exclusive events so you can see this powerful strategy in action and use your new networking skills to build real relationships.

VIP virtual ticket to the Get Connected live event

This event is where you will get to put all of the lessons you’ve learned and Referral Alchemy® into place. This is not like other networking events. It’s all about building authentic connection and real relationship over the course of three days with your fellow attendees to grow and scale your business.

As a Referral Alchemy® Accelerator member, you’ll be automatically UPGRADED TO VIP status.

You’ll start with a BONUS ½ Day Mastermind with me, where you’ll meet your fellow Get Connected LIVE VIP attendees. Get more connection time and deeper, intimate conversations. Get top business questions answered and extra time with me and my team of Referral Alchemists in an intimate setting.

You’ll have access to enhanced experience sessions over lunch and an exclusive ticket to  a Day 2 evening Knowledge Bomb session, where top members of the Referral Alchemy Community and some of my personal coaches and referral partners share their behind-the-scenes secrets for business success in action-packed, training sessions.


I have a few bonuses for you to really help you craft your full funnel blueprint and have all the tools and resources so you can hit the ground running before we begin the next Referral Alchemy® Academy in November.

Bonus #1

From Jennie Bellinger, Senior Certified Referral Alchemist

Deeper than DISC Assessment for More Powerful Referral Conversations

Are you ready to get more results, have more fun, help more people and find the simple process to make your business more successful? If your answer to any of those options is “yes,” then you definitely will want to take the Deeper than DISC assessment and results consultation with Jennie Bellinger, a certified coach!

As a 5+ year member of Virginia’s “Ohana,” Jennie knows how to use the Referral AlchemyⓇ process. The assessment is done online and takes most people less than 30 minutes to complete. With your results, you have the tools to get to know your referral partners better than they know themselves…AND you’ll gain access to a workshop to go through the results and apply them to your own business.

Use your results to craft more powerful conversations with your referral partners, clients and at networking events.

Bonus #2

From Kimberly Weitkamp, Certified Referral Alchemist

Lead Magnet Creation Workshop for More Authority

Craft a resource that helps you stand out, build authority and attract more of your ideal clients. Use this resource to give deeper insight to your fellow referral partners.

Kimberly Weitkamp, a marketing strategist, copywriter and coach, will help you craft a powerful lead magnet in a three-hour workshop. This will help you dial in your messaging to talk with referral partners and create a useful resource you can use for years to come.

Bonus #3

From Dallas Amsden, Certified Referral Alchemist

Podcast Training for Leveraged Referral Conversations

Podcast interviews are a great way to gain valuable exposure for your business AND build your Referral Nexus…but most entrepreneurs don’t make the most of their interview.

Dallas, a speaker trainer, speaker and podcaster, created the PodGuest Pro training, to help podcast guests discover best practices before, during, and even after your interview goes live. Discover how to look and sound like the expert you are and be the star guest that every host dreams of interviewing so that you can book more and more interviews!

Use your interviews as a starting point for building your referral nexus AND get more exposure at the same time.

Bonus #4

From Marcel Brown, Certified Referral Alchemist

90 Days Access to TEN (Tech Essentials Network) for You and Your Business

Make sure you can keep up to date with your referral partners and join a community to answer your tech questions so they don’t hold you back.

Marcel Brown, another member of the “Ohana,” created The Technology Essentials Network –  an online resource for small business professionals who want to take control of their technology. The community combines information, training, and the shared challenges and successes of its members to keep small business professionals well-versed on fundamental technology knowledge. Knowledge that is vital to effectively competing in today’s world.

We have never offered this style of program before or such extended access to me and my extended team of certified Referral Alchemists.

This is a special opportunity only available this weekend.

If you have any questions do be sure to reach out in the chat.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to add referrals and the Referral Alchemy® process into your business?

Are you ready to stop struggling with getting clients and start having more of the conversations you want to have with the people you love serving?

Are you ready to make a bigger impact in the world and stop worrying about where your next client paycheck is coming from?

If you’re ready, I would love to welcome you into the Referral Alchemy® Accelerator.

This Is NOT for Everyone...

The Accelerator is designed for people who are ready to take action and implement this in their business.

Apply below and we will have a brief conversation to make sure it’s a fit for both of us.

This is a fully refundable deposit if both of us decide you are not a fit.

However, by booking a conversation you are making the commitment to be a part of the Referral Alchemy® program.

I look forward to welcoming you into the Accelerator and can’t wait to showcase why Referral Alchemy® is still one of the highest converting and least time consuming methods for you to grow and scale your business to build the life you want to live.

Until next time

Be Remarkable,