Bring Ideal Prospects Direct to You With Built-In TRUST!

Become a Referral Magnet instead of constantly chasing leads...

Frustrated with constantly “searching” for new prospects?

Tired of going to event… after event… after event… with nothing to show for it?

Worried about how to bring in more clients… on a regular basis… without burning out?

What if you could get the right people to come to YOU? Direct.

I’m talking about referrals. And I’d like to show you how to become a referral magnet.

Can Referrals REALLY get me off
the Revenue Roller Coaster?

You may be thinking…

“I love referrals… but I can’t rely on them!”

That’s simply not true. I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses with the power of referrals… and helped dozens of clients do the same.

You CAN become a Referral Magnet… when you have a strategy in place to make it happen.


With a Referral Magnetism Blueprint.

I want to show you exactly how to create this for your business.

Join me for The Referral Magnetism Blueprint: Your Unique Game Plan to Attract Key Partners on October 26 at 11 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern

Inside this brand-new Masterclass I’m sharing…

Discover how to create balanced business relationships and how to stop “over-giving and under-receiving”.

No more hours and hours and HOURS of promoting, referring and “networking”… only to receive nothing in return.  The Referral Magnetism Blueprint will show you how to have equal exchanges with the right people to get steady referrals and prospects.

About the Host

Hi, I’m Virginia Muzquiz, the Referral Alchemist.

I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses on the power of referrals. It’s the core of my marketing strategy and what I teach others how to do.

Inside this training, I’m distilling how my clients build $100k+ Referral Funnels for themselves time and again!

Here’s what a few people have to say about working with me:

Group 56

During my very FIRST coaching session with Virginia she was able to help me see what problem I solve and how I solve it. Virginia is extremely serious about helping her clients make the impact and the revenue they were meant to make.

Corey Jahnke (The Zen Pharmacist)

Group 56

Virginia has a perfect mix of guidance, butt kicking, and empathy that will take your leadership to a level you never thought you would achieve.  She will forever change your thoughts on referrals, and it will strengthen your relationships with your current and future customers, colleagues, and everyone you encounter. 

Michael Levitt (Corporate Consultant Trainer / NLP & CBT Therapist)

Group 56

Virginia is a charismatic, driven and wholly authentic coach, who steers me with compassion, clarity, support and the Kick in the Pants when I need it. She not only shares her decades of experience with hundreds of solopreneurs generously, she is able to flex to each of her clients with ease, and pinpoints the right strategy to use, for their given challenge.

Sharon Otaguro: (Investor, Speaker Success Coach)

Grow YOUR Business… and Help Another

I run my business on what I call my “Impact FIRST”  philosophy.

My personal Make a Difference Mission is to support non-profits and social enterprises that promote entrepreneurship as a path out of poverty and a gateway into prosperity. To support this mission, I decided to share some of my top secrets on Referral Alchemy… and I’m making a donation to for every person who signs up!

Join me on October 26 to discover how Referral Magnetism can help your business… and make an impact at the same time.

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