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Why Marketing and Networking Go Hand-In-Hand


Have you tried all the marketing you can think of… giveaways… challenges… summits… only to see no results?

Is getting clients “hit or miss”?

When you finally land a client, do you struggle to get them to pay what you’re worth?

You’re not alone… and it’s not your fault.

Many “thought leaders” and gurus out there are teaching the same thing over and over… but they’re skipping the one important component that makes their efforts work!

I hear marketing “experts” say again and again, “Use this ONE marketing method or channel… and you’ll see instant results!”

BUT… no one talks about what really makes the marketing workand it’s got nothing to do with paid ads or spending hours on social media.

Working Hard…For No Results

Every entrepreneur I meet has a driving force behind what they do.

Whether that’s creating a schedule to spend more time with their family or building a business that lets them contribute to their community…they all are dedicated to growing their business.

It’s disheartening when I constantly hear about people who’ve spent dozens of hours and thousands of dollars trying to grow their business…only to see little to no results.

I cringe every time I hear someone say, “If I can’t make this work in six months… I guess I’ll have to go and get a J-O-B!”

About the author

Hey, I’m Virginia Muzquiz. I’ve been an entrepreneur and using this “hidden” method for 20+ years. I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses with this process and now I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve compiled all of my knowledge about this method inside the free report. You’ll discover:

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What If You Could Get Just TEN Ideal Clients To Come To You This Year?

How would that change your business?

How would that make your life easier?

Would you be able to finally stop living, “paycheck to paycheck” and begin making the true transformation and impact you want in your community?

What if those TEN ideal clients came directly to you… without you searching for them?

Would that excite you?

Let’s be clear: we’re NOT talking about prospecting…or cold calling…or sending spammy pitch emails…or stalking strangers on LinkedIn.

What you’ll discover inside this free report is a method to bring in qualified prospects. People who are desperate for help and want to connect with you and become your clients… but just don’t know your name yet.

You’ll discover the process and the missing key to making your marketing efforts work better, faster and stronger inside the free report.

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