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As an attendee of the Referral Alchemy® Intensive, you’re eligible for a FREE ticket to my upcoming event, Get Connected Live, to put the Referral Alchemy® strategy in place… FAST.

Every new strategy has to be put in place sometime, and referrals are no different.

When you’re used to the old school method of “networking”, having a bunch of conversations at random events that never go anywhere… that leave you giving and giving and giving and never receiving anything in return… attending yet another networking event is probably on the bottom of your to-do list.

But, imagine if you had the opportunity to attend an event where building relationships IS the priority… having REAL conversations with other relationship-first entrepreneurs is the goal… and the attendees were also invested in an equal exchange.

What better place to start filling your referral funnel and building a TEAM of people who can send you ideal prospects week after week… month after month…

Julie Caprera Square

Intuitively, I knew referral marketing was the way to go. But I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I had a whole new language and way of thinking. But I needed to grow in this. This has been one of the best things that I’ve done for my business and for me.

Julie Caprera- CARE Homeschool Consulting


Working with Virginia, and participating in this program, in particular, has really given me a lot of direction with my business as far as where I’m going with ideal client, ideal referral partner, and what to do with those relationships to have them really pay off for years to come.

Robyn Bragg- Happy Human Certified Hypnotic Coach


I felt like I was networking for nothing. I spent hours in networking groups and at walk away with more friends. And no business. This gave me a plan to get out of the elevator with the 30-second speech and into reciprocal relationships.

Chantaine Roe-Bulluck- The More Vacations Lady

This strategically designed event is unlike any networking event you’ve ever attended.

Other “networking” events give you 60 seconds to get to know someone… and it’s on you to set up another call… and another call… and another call just hoping that someone, anyone, will return your call and partner with you.

This event has a built-in process to get to know the network of fellow attendees.

These are potential joint venture partners… referrals partners… maybe even clients.

They’re all small business owners who believe in the power of relationships.

Which is why we don’t even talk about our businesses until DAY 3!

You’ll put your Referral Alchemy® Academy training to use during the event. Consider Get Connected Live the opportunity to start building your brand-new Referral Nexus.

And you can attend for free.

Tickets for the virtual experience are $197 for the general public, but as a student of the Referral Alchemy Academy you can claim yours FREE.

All you need to do is put down a $97 refundable seat deposit to reserve your spot so we know you’re coming.

When you join us for all three days of the Get Connected live virtual experience, you will get your money back.

We ask for the refundable seat deposit because we know that people get busy. It can be easy to let something slip like this when it’s a few months away. We want to make sure you are dedicated and committed to showing up and to provide the best experience for you.

I don’t run this event alone.

I call upon my team of Referral Alchemists who’ve gone through this process and can help guide others so that everyone has the support they need throughout this online virtual experience. In order to do that, we need to know who’s showing up!

Group 56

Virginia is an incredible business coach and mentor. Her system, which is designed to help build your business network by referral partners, is so strategic and so impactful. I’ve had more clients come through my referral network than any other form of marketing, and it’s all because of Virginia’s training.

Dallas Amsden (Speaker/Host and Presentation Trainer)

Group 56

I’m particularly loving my life right now… and that is in large part thanks to Virginia’s genius coaching guiding me away from something that was about to constrain me. Now, we’re building a thing that sets me free. I must say… I don’t care what she might one-day charge for those VIP weekends… it’s worth it!

Scot Conway (The Martial Life Catalyst Speaker)

This Event is For You If…

You’re just starting out in business

As a new business owner, you struggle with building the right network. We’ll help you identify the gold already in your network… even if you’re just starting your business… and how to turn those connections into valuable relationships that will help you build for years to come. You’ll take the Referral Alchemy® Academy training and dive even deeper over the course of three days to maximize your time by building your network with everyone in the room.

You’ve been in business a while and really want to leverage all your past work

You realize the power of building connections… you’re showing up… you’re networking… you’re going to all the Zooms… and you are seeing nothing from it.

You’ll put yourself in control of your referrals starting with your fellow attendees. Speed up this process and discover how to make every networking event you show up for completely worth your time… instead of wasting hours and hours on events that will give you nothing in return.

You’re in the joint venture world

You’re all in on helping others build their business… and having other people promote you and build your business, too. But… your partners seem to be underperforming. You get a ton of people who say they’ll support you… but only a few actually do anything.

Discover how to find more of the people who will bend over backward to help you and promote you… and fewer of the people who make big promises and then disappear into the woodwork.

Group 56

Virginia is what I call a ‘High Caiber” woman. In my association with her I can see the word “Excellence” stamped all over her work. She gets to know her clients, their needs and desires well. She puts forth 100% into each client. She embodies honesty, integrity and, authenticity.

Deb Crose (Bridal and Beauty Consultant)

Over the course of three days…you’re going to build your business and begin creating your brand new Referral Nexus.

That means creating the networking, finding the connections, and defining the SUCCESS you want to have to build a business that supports your life… instead of a life that supports your business.

No more weird schedules.

No more constant worry over how you’re going to get people to come to you.

No more bending over backwards for people and getting nothing in return.

This event is giving the framework, process and systems to make your business grow by referral. As the ultimate capstone to the Referral Alchemy Academy, Get Connected Live gives you the opportunity to start building your Referral Nexus with quality partners immediately.