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Hey there!  I’m super excited you’ve taken me up on my offer to tap into the power of the Referral Alchemy® Network by attending one of our Referral Roundtable® Experiences.  

Referral Roundtables are typically reserved for Referral Alchemy® Network members – but because you are at the YES Event, I’m excited to invite you to one of our Roundtables with my compliments.

If you are tired of networking endlessly with little to show for it, this event will, for sure, give you a new perspective on how to turn your connections into cashflow.  This isn’t about pitching your business and popping your contact information into the chat on ZOOM hoping someone will promote, connect or refer you… it’s about creating the kind of collaborative flow that actually moves your business forward.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 90-minutes of curated, small-group networking 
  • Ten minutes to spotlight YOUR business 
  • An opportunity to make a request for support that can immediately accelerate your success.
  • And more…


Just select the date you want to attend by clicking one of the buttons below… and Keep an eye on your inbox for more information about how you can make the most of this amazing opportunity!

I look forward to connecting with you and introducing you to my network!